Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Sprayers By Skenda

We take great pride on each of our products. Our Oil and Vinegar Sprayer when making the perfect salad apply too little dressing and your salad will be dry and unappetizing. Get too much on, and it's a soggy mess. An ordinary salad dressing bottle or cruet can make things even worse, letting too much pour out at once and drowning everything. Fortunately, there is a way to simplify things and ensure that every salad you serve is perfectly dressed. Skenda Oil and Vinegar bottles set Dispenser Sprayers are the answer! Skenda Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Sprayers are unlike a shake-and-pour salad dressing bottle or traditional oil and vinegar bottles. Their unique design makes adding oil and vinegar to an individual salad plate as easy as pressing down on the durable plastic spray top and even gives you portion control. The oil and vinegar dispenser design delivers a fine mist that will cover salad evenly and lightly. A spray or two is all you'll need to get any salad ready to enjoy with these sprayers. The oil dispenser allows you to use oil sparingly to cut down on calories. Buy our product with confidence we have a better than money back warranty.



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