Anti Spam Policy

Skendaproducts.com has made Anti Spam Policy for its contents,  logos, trademarks, email addresses and other properties within the website or its services. The owner of this site doesn’t permit any harvesting or mining in any information stated above.

The owner of this site does not authorize other users to use its services and to obtain any information about its subscribers and users such as  addresses and private profile details.

The owner of this site does not permit any users to use its services that could lead damages and disability of  site’s  services and products or that could lead to some involvement to the other costumer’s use of its services.

In any case, if the owner of the site is reliable to unauthorized use of his website’s services, it may, without some prior notice, take an appropriate action including blocking users profile, email addresses and IP address that violates the site’s policy.

Nobody is  permitted to transmit rights into email addresses or its services.  Any failure to follow this policy and terms doesn’t amount the website’s owner waiver of rights.

Any violations listed in this policy can proceed to criminal, civil and administrative penalties and damages against the user.

Users who violates the CAN SPAM act may be liable to “cease and desist” orders or penalties the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) of up to $11,000 per violation. In any case, it is also possible that the violations can lead to penalties such as fines or violators can be a subject to prison time.



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