Skenda 13 pieces Kitchen knives Set 6 Knifes With 6 Sheaths And A Ceramic Peeler

Skenda 13 pieces Kitchen knives Set 6 Knifes With 6 Sheaths And A Ceramic Peeler


You just can’t get dinner on the table quickly if you don’t have the right kitchen knives at your fingertips! The SKENDA 13Pc Kitchen Knives Set makes it easy to stock up on every essential knife that you need to chop, mince, slice, carve and cut every ingredient in your recipes. Our world class knife set includes all of the essential cutlery knives than a home cook needs to prepare gourmet meals. In our chef knife set, you’ll receive: – 7″ Yellow Santoku Knife with Sheath – 8″ Grey Chef Knife with Sheath – 8″ Red Bread Knife with Sheath – 8″ Orange Carving Knife with Sheath – 5″ Lime Utility Knife with Sheath – 3.5″ Turquoise Paring Knife all with  Sheaths ( 6 ) & a Ceramic Peeler. That’s right–you get a total of six kitchen knives with sheaths protectors and a peeler a 13 pieces in all!

Unlike other kitchen knives sets, we include sheaths for each knife instead of limiting you to storing your knives in a block! The blades of our kitchen knives stay razor sharp, your fingers stay safe, and the counter top stays wide open with this knife set! When we say our kitchen knife set is of professional culinary quality, we mean it! Each of our knives has a perfectly honed edge covered with a durable nonstick coating. No matter what you’re cutting with the cutlery in this culinary knife set, the blades will slip through as if you were slicing into butter! Antibacterial and nonporous, the kitchen knives in the SKENDA 13Pc Kitchen Knives Set are safer for your family than other types of cutlery. The ergonomic handle design of our cutlery and chef knives also allows you a higher degree of control to ensure your safety and allow you to make precise, clean cuts. The result is a meal that looks like restaurant quality takeout but that came from your own kitchen! So stop settling for basic kitchen knives that just don’t cut it! Upgrade your kitchen with the absolute best Santoku, Bread, Carving, Paring, Utility & Chef knife all with covers and a Ceramic Dual Use Peeler Order the SKENDA 13Pc Kitchen Knives Set now.



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