Skenda Oven Mitt

Skenda Oven Mitts –  2 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves for Cooking & Barbecue BBQ Grilling – Waterproof – Free E-books ( 5 ) With Pastry Basting Brush – Professional Quality – Cotton Lining Extra Long.


  • STAY SAFE FROM HOT TEMPERATURES Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the silicone BBQ gloves and cooking gloves are far more protective than ordinary cloth oven mitts


  • MORE PROTECTION IN THE KITCHEN These extra long oven mitts protect your arms, not just your hands, making them more effective than conventional cooking mitts. In addition to their cooking gloves heat resistant protection, they’re also waterproof to protect you from scalding accidents


  • OH SO COMFORTABLE Unlike an ordinary silicone oven mitt, our cooking gloves are a pleasure to wear. Our barbecue gloves are lined with quality cotton fabric that is breathable and soft


  • TRULY PROFESSIONAL OVEN MITTS Our silicone oven mitt design is nonslip, so you can still use cooking and grilling tools and keep a tight grip on whatever you’re holding. We only use FDA-approved food safe materials to make our silicone grill gloves, so you can use them to handle hot food like grilled corn or baked potatoes directly


  • SO SIMPLE TO CLEAN Grilling gloves can get dirty, which is why we made our oven mitt set easy to clean. You can toss the silicone oven gloves in the washing machine for simple laundering . Every year, millions of people end up in the emergency room due to burns and scalding actions in the kitchen or by the barbecue.

Accidents can happen at any time even if you’re trying to be careful, and unfortunately, most ordinary cooking mitts do very little to protect you. The good news is that you can stay safe and enjoy preparing your favorite recipes with Skenda Oven Mitts!


Skenda oven gloves are like no other cooking gloves and barbecue gloves on Amazon. They’re truly the best oven mitt set that money can buy because they’re:


– MORE HEAT RESISTANT. Heat safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, our silicone grill gloves provide unparalleled protection whether you’re working at the cooktop, taking things out of the oven or manning the grill.


– COMPLETELY WATERPROOF. Our cooking gloves heat resistant protection is combined with full waterproof protection to keep you safe from steam and from hot liquid spills.


– LONGER. Our extra long oven mitts protect your arms and wrists, not just your hands, making them more effective than the average BBQ gloves.


– NONSLIP. With our silicone oven gloves, you can keep a firm hold on cookware and tools. Some people even use our grilling gloves to help them open jars!


– 100% FOOD SAFE. You can handle food with the silicone BBQ gloves without worry. They’re made from FDA-approved materials.


– MORE COMFORTABLE. Soft cotton lining ensures that our silicone grill gloves feel great, so you don’t have to compromise comfort for safety.


– EASIER TO CLEAN. Toss the cooking gloves in the washing machine for easy cleanup every time.



Reduce your risk of becoming a statistic by choosing the absolute best professional oven mitts on Amazon. Order the Skenda silicone oven mitt set today!




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