Skenda Salt And Pepper Shaker Grinder Set with 2

Skenda Salt And Pepper Shaker Grinder Set with 2 Adjustable Stainless Steel Shakers – Free E-books ( 5 ) with this set – Ceramic Mill Mechanism – Manual Grinders



Skenda Salt And Pepper Shaker Grinder Set with 2 Adjustable Stainless Steel Shakers – Ceramic Mill Mechanism – Manual Grinders


  • GRIND WITH JUST A TWIST This salt & pepper grinder set allows you to enjoy the fresh flavor of freshly ground seasonings with ease. Just twist the salt and pepper grinder mills to grind. Then, use them as salt & pepper shakers to add the salt or pepper to your dish


  • COARSE OR FINE–YOU DECIDE Our adjustable salt and pepper shakers feature an adjustable pepper grinder and salt grinder mechanism that you can set to the perfect level of fineness to suit your tastes and your recipe


  • BEAUTIFUL SALT & PEPPER SET Our salt & pepper mill set adds style to the dinner table with sleek silver-toned salt and pepper grinders that shine beautifully and complement all types of dinnerware and table linens


  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY SALT & PEPPER MILL The ceramic pepper mill mechanism featured in our salt and pepper grinder set is made to stand the test of time. The pepper and salt shaker accessories are made out of rustproof stainless steel


  • EASY TO FILL Clear viewing windows allow you to see when it’s time to fill the salt and pepper shaker set. Each salt & pepper grinder has a wide opening that is easy to use

There’s a reason why the waiter brings the pepper mill to your table before you enjoy a meal! Fresh seasonings ground at the table with a salt grinder or pepper grinder taste so much better than the ones that have been pre-ground and sitting in salt and pepper shakers for weeks or months.


If you want to enjoy that straight-from-the salt & pepper mill taste at home, the Skenda Salt And Pepper Shaker Grinder Set is the perfect solution!


Skenda gives you a pair of salt and pepper grinders that are ideal for Himalayan salt, sea salt, black peppercorns and even whole spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.


You get a pepper shaker and a salt shaker with a built-in grinder with our salt and pepper grinder set, so you can enjoy fresh seasonings at the table and grind salt and pepper fresh when you’re cooking. Our salt & pepper shakers are the best salt & pepper grinder set on Amazon because they’re:


– EASIER TO USE. Our ceramic salt & pepper grinder mechanism is highly effective and works as you twist the shaker. Salt or pepper is then dispensed automatically for maximum convenience


– ADJUSTABLE. With this salt & pepper mill set, you can choose a fine or coarse grind to suit whatever you’re savoring.


– BETTER QUALITY. We make our salt and pepper shaker set to restaurant quality standards out of rust-proof, food safe stainless steel.


– MORE STYLISH. You’ll love the way our salt and pepper shakers look on your dinner table. They add elegance to every meal.


– SIMPLER TO FILL. Our pepper mill and salt grinder feature clear windows that let you see how much seasoning is left inside. You can have the salt & pepper shakers refilled in just seconds.


See how much more flavorful your favorite foods can be when you season them with freshly ground seasonings dispensed from your own salt & pepper set. Order the Skenda Salt and Pepper Grinder Duo today!




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